January 10, 2011

Cold & Flu: Part 2

Always in the pursuit of better immune boosters, I have emerged on the tail end of winter practically unscathed from the cold season. It might be luck, but there is strong science behind what is possibly my first cold-free winter. This post is meant to supplement my original posting on cold & flu.

The Flu
If you're weary of the flu vaccine like myself, natural remedies are the place to turn. A vaccine shouldn't give you the the same ill feeling as the malady it's meant to fight. However, too many people suffer from the vaccine (just my personal observation).

Elderberry extract remains on top for natural flu fighters. It won't prevent you from catching it, but it will speed up recovery.

There is also a homeopathic remedy gaining in popularity called Oscillococcinum. Adding this to the mix should get you over the flu in no time.

The Common Cold
For colds, I propose a long-term and short-term fix. What I'm getting at is vitamin D supplementation throughout the winter months, and oil of oregano at the first sign of a cold.

There have been many studies lately focusing on the crucial role of vitamin D. Supplementing with Vitamin D is good for building up your general immunity. The research shows that if you live north of the southern tip of the U.S., your skin is probably not producing enough D most of the year. Winter is particularly bad, because most people stay inside - causing a further drop in their body's vitamin D stores. The answer is supplementing with vitamin D3. I recommend working with a doctor to watch your levels of D, but the average person is probably safe to take 1,000 IUs/day. I personally take 2,000. Here's a great article by Harvard Medical School on the topic ... http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/time-for-more-vitamin-d.htm

Oil of oregano has powerful antimicrobial properties. Take it as soon as you feel a cold coming on. In selecting an oil of oregano supplement, seek out a standardized tincture for maximum benefit.

I also get a little help from a product called "Bio Vegetarian" by Priority One. It's power-packed with cold fighting herbs. Taking 1 dose of this and 1 of Oil of oregano per day at the first sign of symptoms has knocked out any cold I had before it could take hold.

Wishing you all health in the new year!

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