March 16, 2010

Cell Phone Radiation

Wow, it's been a while. With all the mounting evidence that cell phone radiation is harmful to your health, I thought this would be a fine time to blog about it. The studies contain some alarming findings. Long-term exposure to cell phone radiation can cause anything from brain cancer to tumors, behavioral problems, migraines, and even vertigo.

From all I've read, it seems that children are most vulnerable to cell phone radiation. And if you've been using cell phones since they first came out, chances are the Motorola Brick has you glowing in the dark by now. Next at risk would be those who use internet-capable phones. Phones such as the Droid, iPhone, and Blackberry top the list. Phone radiation levels are measured by their SAR value. The FCC limit is 1.6 W/kg. One such study which compiles manufacturer reports to the FCC can be found on EWG's website at

What about headsets? Are wired or Bluetooth headsets going to reduce your exposure? The answer is yes ... as long as you don't keep your phone on your person.

Here's how you can calculate your radiation exposure, using myself as an example. But first, a quick tutorial:
- iPhone supports UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) and GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
- For AT&T service in the US, assume GSM 1900 and UMTS 1900
- GPRS and EDGE = GSM = 2G
- UMTS = 3G

- Baseline SAR for iPhone 3GS: 1.19 W/kg
- Using EDGE instead of 3G: 0.79 W/kg
- With Bluetooth headset: 0.003 W/kg
- With wired headset + EDGE: 0.79 W/kg / 8 = 0.099 W/kg (divide phone to ear SAR by 8 for headset)

Bluetooth SAR values vary from source to source, but generally the figures say that it's the absolute best way to reduce your exposure to radiation. Those who prefer text messaging over talking on the phone are also better off.

There are also other sources of radiation to be aware of:
- Cordless home phones, particularly the DECT phones (0.055 W/kg)
- Wireless computer accessories
- WiFi networks (0.81 W/kg, but usually exposed to lower levels unless you keep your laptop on your lap)
- Baby monitor (0.077 W/kg)

These days it's tough to get by without the wireless technology we've come to depend on. But unfortunately it's finally catching up with us, so protect yourself. Turn off or don't use those wireless devices except when you need it. And stay informed of the SAR values emitted by the devices you use.

If you'd like further information on this topic, here are 2 comprehensive studies. Perfect bedtime reading. ;)
- The Controversy about a Possible Relationship between Mobile Phone Use and Cancer (M. Kundi, 2009)
- (EWG, 2009)


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