January 15, 2012

EMF Radiation in the Household

First, Happy New Year to all my Beyond Organic readers! Back in March of 2010, I published a blog about cell phone radiation. Figured I'd ring in the new year with a follow-up to that post ... except this time, with a review to include other common household items and armed with a gaussmeter - a specialized device that allows you to take actual measurements of EMF emissions. Some of this will surprise you. For purposes of this test, the "Danger Zone" is set at 3 milligauss or mG (where prolonged exposure can cause diseases such as leukemia) and "Exceeds Scale" is anything over 100 mG.

The tests performed validate others' findings with smart phones. While EMF was expected, it was somewhat surprising just how much EMF is produced by laptops. It gives credence to the recommendation not to rest it on your lap. Using a docking station will keep you a safe distance from the base unit. The old CRT TV's are believed to be high in radiation. As you can see below, LCD TV's are manageable. The results show it's also best to keep your distance from microwaves, blenders, electrical boxes, and ... believe it or not ... alarm clocks. I'll be the first to admit I like to slap the snooze button and doze off to sleep again. But it's worth setting it across the room.

Some other items that were not tested but can be expected to produce high EMF emissions include motorized equipment, electrical appliances, inside airplane cabins, near floorboard of cars, power lines, and electrical blankets. Some sources are seemingly unavoidable. But the more you can reduce your constant exposure, the better your health!

And without further adieu ...

- Smart phones
Not detected: <1 in
Danger Zone: on contact
Max: >5 mG on contact and in use; med to high spikes on establishing call

- Laptop computer
Not detected: 1 ft
Danger Zone: 2 in
Max: >100 mG on contact

- AC wall adapters
Not detected: 2 ft
Danger Zone: 1 ft
Max: >100 mG at 6 in

- 42" flat screen LCD TV
Not detected: 1 ft
Danger Zone: 3 in
Max: 8 mG on contact

- Microwave
Not detected: 1.5 ft
Danger Zone: 6 in (not in use)
Max: >100 mG at 2.5 ft

- Blender
Not detected: 5 ft
Danger Zone: 3 ft
Max: >100 mG at 2 ft

- Electrical box
Not detected: 9 ft
Danger Zone: 3.5 ft
Max: >100 mG at 1 ft

- Alarm clock
Not detected: 1 ft
Danger Zone: 9 in
Max: >100 mG at 3 in

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